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Summer 2018, and We Are Still Talking Backups

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Summer 2018, and We Are Still Talking Backups

Thanks in part to Apple’s focus on security and design, our devices seem to be stronger and more reliable than ever. And with services like iCloud, having files tucked away safely seems natural. Part of that is marketing, and in many ways, file storage is better and more reliable. However, not every file goes to the cloud, not every device is, and things can and do go wrong.

That’s why, even as we approach 2020, reminding people and businesses to back things up in a variety of ways is still a crucial part of the technical support role. From photos to business documents, draft designs to raw video footage, these days backing everything up is strongly recommended.

Make Backup Part of Your Routine

You may be proud of your new Mac with its SSD, or the 256GB of storage on your iPhone, but if that SSD decides not to start one day, or your old HDD suddenly starts making ticking noises, your data can be in serious trouble.

Either for personal or business use having local and additional cloud backups is a sensible strategy, whatever the data. For a small business in a single office, pulling all the working files onto a memory stick or external hard drive that is stored off-site is a logical step.

For larger businesses, NAS drives or having a RAID server in the office, a remote off-site cloud storage service with all files and rules written up as part of a backup and disaster management strategy.

Cloud Backups cost anywhere from £65 to £199 per year which beats having to go to a data recovery specialist and having to pay potentially £500-£1000 to have data recovered, with no guarantees of what survived.

Using Our Secure Cloud backup service, you can backup data from multiple devices to the cloud using a simple Control Panel, stored on UK encrypted servers, certified to ISO 27001 standard. Regardless of device, the convenience of massive amounts of data and that feeling of protection through one layer of backup can leave users aghast when something does go wrong.

A quick search on social media reveals drive failures, data loss or device theft is leaving people with terrible stories or business woes on a daily basis, and while it might not happen to you, it could happen to anyone, at any point. Ensure your data is backed up in multiple locations to save those precious photos, essential spreadsheets or other data.

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