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Disk Utility: Creating disk image “operation canceled”

By: FilioTech Updated on: June 2, 2020

Disk Utility Error: Creating disk image, operation canceled

Since macOS Catalina release, there has been few changes to Disk Utility and overall security in macOS. If you one of these people who is trying to restore an Disk Image, but you getting this error message, read this blog post, as you will find out how to solve it.

Error: operation canceled

This error indicate that Disk Utility doesn't actually have sufficient permission to access your full disk. Unlike in previous macOS releases, in order to create an image you need to change few things.
Disk Utility Error: Creating disk image, operation canceled


Firstly, we always encourage our customers and users to make sure you have at least 1x backup in place, as dealing with Disk Utility, terminal and any system preferences can lead to data loss if they are preformed incorrectly as this tools are mainly for advanced users.

Lets's jump into it.

1. Quit Disk Utility
2. Navigate to System Preferences

System Preference
3. Click Security and Privacy
System Preference click Security Tab
4. Go to Privacy Tab
System Preference Security Tab System Preference Security Tab

5. Navigate to Full Disk Access
6. Click on the gold Padlock on the left bottom corner and unlock with your password
7. Click + and add Disk Utility from Utilities folder
8. Open Disk Utility and try creating Image again


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