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Stay Secure: Truth about password security?

By: FilioTech Updated on: May 13, 2020

Stay Secure: What’s the truth about password security?

Stay Secure: What’s the truth about password security?
If you’ve been online for any period, you’ll have many accounts to your name. And, while it is easy to have one or two passwords across them all, the risk is simply too great.

Services are hacked and have account details stolen all the time. Check your email addresses on HaveIBeenPwned to see if any of your previous accounts may have been compromised. If they have and the password data was leaked, then hackers can easily access your other accounts.

Most passwords are stored in an encrypted manner, but that can be broken and a few services don’t even go that far. Leaked user account databases are often sold on by hackers to criminals who will try to break into more valuable services that you might be a member of.

By creating unique passwords for each account or service you use, or by deploying password vault software to keep a record of them, you and your accounts are safer should there be an online breach.

Tools like 1Passwords or LastPass and iCloud Keychain can help remember them for you. Certainly, never create a text file called passwords.txt to remember them.