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How to Speed up your Mac [2018]

By: FilioTech Updated on: May 13, 2020

How to speed up your Mac in 2018

The latest range of MacBook Pro notebooks has just been revealed by Apple with their mouth-watering performance and equally eye-watering prices. While they feature the latest six-core processors, 32GB memory with greater bandwidth and other tweaks, for the majority of Mac users, they offer little benefit whatsoever. Boot times will be about the same, and most commonly-used applications will run perhaps a little faster.


While these new machines are marketed firmly at “pro” users, If you have a perfectly good MacBook or iMac, but have noticed it is struggling a little, a simple upgrade can provide the speed you need without the massive outlay for one of these new MacBooks. FilioTech offers a range of upgrades, all guaranteed, and using official components installed by certified Apple technicians.

Collection or drop-off

Local users in the Surrey or South West London area can drop them off for a fast turnaround, or we can use a courier to get your Mac back to you around the wider area in fine shape, and running faster with the minimum of delay.


At FilioTech, we can upgrade your RAM or SSD storage to boost performance, allowing more apps to be open at once and running more smoothly. Less caching and a faster drive makes for quicker boot times, faster opening of apps and data files, and can bring even a relatively old Mac back to feeling fresh for the user.

Saving £

Compare that to a minimum of £1,749 for one of the new MacBook Pros and you can see the benefit of upgrading to extend the life of your existing office/home office/studio models. The power of the new MacBook Pros might benefit video editors, artists, massive database coders and other power users, but for the most, the boost offered by the new, faster, technology will remain largely unused.


FilioTech offers a fast upgrade service, and we can also repair your “dead” Mac or recover data from failed storage. We provide remote or onsite IT support at your home or office. For local, friendly support, get in touch today.