Case Studies

FilioTech® is proud to be involved with some amazing project over the past few years, and we have delivered outstanding solutions to our client. Over the next few months, we will do our best to list them here.

Image Case Studies

G Suite Integrations

Over the years, we've helped over dozens of businesses and we've enabled over 100 users to work from the cloud. This process is carefully crafted, planned and executed to prevent downtime at all cost. We've achieved amazing results in this field.

WiFi Solutions

For Business, home or office-shed, we've extended and improved digital lives to many, many frustrated users. By utilising WiFi technology, end-to-end connection, or PoE systems, we can achieve amazing results when these systems are connected.

Disaster DATA Recovery

People know, backups are crucial for our daily-digital lives. We encourage everyone to have at least 1x solid, onsite backup, and perhaps extra one, in the cloud. We've been contacted in recent months to assist with data recovery, take the unit apart, analyse, and send drives to the lab, and rebuild machines as soon as possible.

Overnight Repairs

Hard drive failure at the wrong time can cause a lot of stress and anxiety, sometimes is business-critical. With our amazing expertise and response time, we've been able to help many users including businesses and repair their faulty machines, and rebuild them overnight.