Cloud Backup

Our Home Backup solution automatically keeps a copy of your
Family Photos and important files safe in our UK data centres.
If you lose or break your Mac or PC  you can easily
restore the files back to your computer.


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for Cloud Backup Support.

Multiple Computers / Users

Depends on the package you choose, You can add up to 5 Devices or Users account, either Mac or PC to your cloud storage. Simply install software on a new User account, or new computer and login with your login details. Your cloud storage capacity will be used across all of your devices. If you need more storage, simply contact us and let us know.

Access files Online

Our Backup System, enables you to easily and securely access and edit your files from Online Cloud. You can view and edit your files at work by logging into Online Portal or downloading our software again onto new computer.

Easy Control Panel

Easy control Panel will allows you to select, add or exclude files or folders from your Backups. Our Backup system will also show you the status of your backup and how long will take to complete.
Cloud Backup Control Panel

Military Grade Security

Our Backup encrypts data during transfer and,
stores all backups and Briefcase files in our secure UK data centres

Transfer security

Your files are transferred securely from your device to our servers using the strongest available TLS encryption.

Data Protection Act

Fully compliant with EU privacy laws, registered under the Data Protection Act and with the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office).

PCI compliant

Individual customer data is split across multiple independent systems with no single system containing enough to retrieve an individual file via any unauthorized methods.

Obfuscated data

All data is stored in UK data centres protected by 3 layers of physical access security.

24/7 monitoring

We actively monitor our network 24/7 to keep your files accessible and safe. Our physical and electronic monitoring consists of both intrusion prevention & intrusion detection systems.

ISO 27001 data centres

All of our data centres are ISO 27001 certified. This is the highest possible standard for data security. More info about ISO27001