Mac Upgrades

With only modest benefits when upgrading from one generation of Mac to the next,
an upgrade can save you money and boost performance.

Slow Mac - No Problem!

Is your Mac getting slower, and slower? Over the years you will notice that your Mac seems to slow down. To counter that, We can upgrade your RAM and Drive to SSD for much faster experience.

Upgrading Hardware

More memory means you can run more apps at once, and access bigger files with less delay. More storage means you can install more files, and faster storage such as a Solid State Drive will help boost performance.

We can help!

Many people are worried about opening their Mac up, or invalidating the warranty. Our Certified Apple Technicians, have the skills and training to do this safely and professionally, and use qualified & high quality parts. Drop it in or post it by courier for a fast, personal service.

Technology Partners

We use the best technology in the world. Shouldn’t you?

We regularly perform a marketplace analysis on your behalf to save you time and ensure that you’re using the latest, most efficient technology available.

Our philosophy is to implement and support only proven, best-in-class technologies.

Here are a few of our trusted technology partners.

Rafal, is a brilliant expert with macs, what he does not know is not really worth knowing. A great helpful guy with great IT skills. Very highly recommended
- John Simpson