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Web Design & WordPress

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Design / Development

We design & Develop unique and creative, eye-catching WordPress websites based on our light-weight, fast and flexible framework X PRO.

Say goodbye to blurred and pixilated images!

Every Website we built, will be Retina Display Ready. Which means it will look excellent and super crisp on any Retina device such as iPad, iPhone or MacBook Pro.

Optimisation / Testing

Is your Web Hosting company, Designer or Developer focusing on the performance of your site? Well, We do!

We analyse a lot of WordPress webstes. Most of them look great, amazing images, Call to Action animations and Sign-up pop-ups, but if you look from a technical standpoint, they very badly optimised and slow.

Would you wait 4-6 second for the page to open? Probably not. A fast website is very important for the SEO and for your customers.

Every Website we build & host goes through various tests to make sure, it looks great on any device, loads fast and it's fully optimised for SEO.

Hosting / Performance

We love technical challenges! To achieve the best performance and fast load page for your Website, we are utilising the Next generation cloud platforms with Bare Metal Cloud Servers for the best, & fastest Wordpress experience. Our Servers are located in the UK DATA centre with Fast performance SSDs.

Solid-state disks offer high-performance speeds even over the heaviest of workloads. SSDs have higher input/output rates than hard-disk drives which means faster processing times.

SSL / CDN / Cache

We understand the importance of the SEO and delivery of the content on a larger scale. Therefore every Website we host or we build has valid SSL certificate.

To make sure your web page content loads fast from any part of the World, we also include CDN (Content Delivery Network) system for every website and every customer completely FREE of charge.

Effective July 2018, Google’s Chrome browser will mark non-HTTPS sites as ‘not secure’

Security / Migration / Backup

How about Security? From day one, Security is our most priority. We patch & update all our WordPress sites as part of our Hassle-Free Management Package and Every Website is behind our Firewall.

We help you with the Migration too. Over the years we've migrated dozens of websites to our Hosting platform. We understand the importance of keeping your website alive 24/7 so migration process if carefully executed to keep the downtime to a minimum!

As part of our Hosting package, Each and every site has multiple backup methods and restore points. If for any reason your site breaks, we will be able to restore to a previous backup point in minutes.

Cloud Services

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Technology Partners

We use the best technology in the world. Shouldn’t you?

We regularly perform a marketplace analysis on your behalf to save you time and ensure that you’re using the latest, most efficient technology available.

Our philosophy is to implement and support only proven, best-in-class technologies.

Here are a few of our trusted technology partners.

Rafal, is a brilliant expert with macs, what he does not know is not really worth knowing. A great helpful guy with great IT skills. Very highly recommended
- John Simpson