About Us

FilioTech - Managed IT Services Provider that specialises in Support for Apple based Businesses
Schools & Professionals, across South West London & Surrey.

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Our Story begins here

"You have to start with the customer experience
and work backwards to the technology."

Steve Jobs



Back in 2013, Rafal started a friendly, customer-focused Apple Consultancy company, bringing help and advice to local users and Small Businesses.

Rafal has worked with Apple Mac products for over a decade, his consultancy business was the culmination of deep interest and affinity for Apple Computers, and an ability to troubleshoot and explain what’s gone wrong to many a frustrated user. That stems from an early interest in computers and technology. He started taking computers apart to learn all different components when he was only eight years old!

Our Mission

We are creative team of with similar goals - To offer support local Businesses, Schools, Home users and Professionals. We want to help them succeed with their daily IT struggles and help them adapt to the latest technology.

That's why the Steve Jobs quote means so much to us.

"You have to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology."

IT service providers often keep forgetting about the end users experience. They throw all the latest technologies and IT solutions without realising this can sometimes impact productivity of their clients, or employees.

We work with our clients on the monthly, or ad-hoc basis, and are always trying to develop a unique friendship that works for both parties. We want to learn and understand your business first. Why? So we can execute IT Solutions accurately. In some cases not necessarily the latest ones, but the one that works best for Your Business.


Monthly Support

Our monthly support packages (System Health Checks, Endpoint Protection, Cloud Backup or Business Continuity Solutions)  adds up seamlesssly to help your company operate at peak profitability, whilst ensuring total protection and peace of mind.

And remember: we’re well aware that the biggest problems often happen outside of business hours, so we’ll happily take that call when you need us to. So, for a professional, fast-acting IT support service, just when you need it – get in touch today. We’d like to be instrumental in your success.

Technology Partners

We use the best technology in the world. Shouldn’t you?

We regularly perform a marketplace analysis on your behalf to save you time and ensure that you’re using the latest, most efficient technology available.

Our philosophy is to implement and support only proven, best-in-class technologies.

Here are a few of our trusted technology partners.

Rafal, is a brilliant expert with macs, what he does not know is not really worth knowing. A great helpful guy with great IT skills. Very highly recommended
- John Simpson