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Cyber Security And Endpoint Protection: Looking After Your Workstation

By: FilioTech Updated on: May 13, 2020

Cyber Security And Endpoint Protection: Looking After Your Workstation

If you are new to the world of cybersecurity, let us introduce you to endpoint security (also known as endpoint protection) - which is easily the gold standard when it comes to protecting your computer networks.

Assuming that your network is bridged to your client devices, an endpoint security solution can prevent security threats - mostly initiated by the connection of laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other wireless devices. 

The Importance Of Protecting Your Company Assets As we already hinted, endpoint security is a technique that focuses on protecting enterprise endpoints of a network when accessed through remote devices. It is these devices that most of the times serve as security threats being connected to the network.

In an economy that is (very much) dependent on service and technology, your most valuable business assets are often fragile and can suffer from malfunctions. This is why your business, as well as client data, is important to protect - and how our Endpoint Protection suite of cybersecurity products can safeguard your business assets.

The vulnerabilities that you may experience if lacking proper cybersecurity may include personnel, management, personal environment or system data that is lost. On top of this, you may suffer from malfunction hardware, software and communication equipment.

At this point, you are probably looking for the best endpoint protection solution out there...

SentinelOne - The #1 Endpoint Protection Solution For Enterprises

At FilioTech®, we take pride in collaborating with SentinelOne - the leading next-generation solution for autonomous endpoint protection. In short, this solution is among the best for protecting and defending your endpoints against any type of attack that can happen at any stage in the threat lifecycle.

With it, you can always rely on having all files, documents, browser information, scripts and credentials safe and secure. The cybersecurity will also protect you from Trojans, malware, worms, backdoors and payload-based threats.

Backed by Hitachi’s IT division and many other reputable companies, SentinelOne is a true benchmark for what stellar endpoint protection should mean for every enterprise business.

Now is the time to safeguard your enterprise through endpoint protection. For more information on the SentinelOne as well as its pricing, don’t hesitate to contact us today!