"Dealing with today’s cyber threats
requires a fundamentally different approach."

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About SentinelOne®

SentinelOne was founded by a group of defence and intelligence experts who took completely new approach to end- point protection.

Today, SentinelOne’s breakthrough platform unifies prevention, detection, and response, driven by machine learning and intelligent automation.


SentinelOne EPP is certified as an antivirus re-placement, recognised by Gartner and NSS Labs for its disruption, and trusted by the world’s most forward-thinking companies to protect their business.

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Behavioural indicators

The excellent insight into story line of Attack
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We use the best technology in the world. Shouldn’t you?

We regularly perform a marketplace analysis on your behalf to save you time and ensure that you’re using the latest, most efficient technology available.

Our philosophy is to implement and support only proven, best-in-class technologies.

Here are a few of our trusted technology partners.

Rafal, is a brilliant expert with macs, what he does not know is not really worth knowing. A great helpful guy with great IT skills. Very highly recommended
- John Simpson