Managed Cloud Services

The Cloud is an intelligent way to enable you to work remotely, or to share, store or manage files all in one place. It's scalable, meaning it can grow with your needs. But the best part, it's cross compatible, you can access from any device, and from anywhere.

FilioTech - G Suite

G Suite by Google

G Suite is a cloud-based Enterprise system that allows integration of tools to increase productivity. You can work effectively when you want, wherever you are.

Our Google G Suite Reseller status allows us to set up brand new G Suite account for your business, offer management and support as your business grows. We also hold valid Google G Suite Admin Certification, Plus we hold the all-important IT CompTIA A+ certification.

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Our Support

We help you with transforming from a traditional system to a new-gen easily. We carry out initial setup, file migration, activation and support so you can quickly benefit from G Suite.

Work remotely

Moving your business to the Cloud allows you to harness a multitude of technology, and allows you to work from anywhere, your home or office.

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Managed Cloud Backup Services

FilioTech® offer safe, cost-effective, and exceptionally easy to use Managed Cloud Backup Solution. Including World-class data protection designed to fit any business environment—from a single workstation to an entire enterprise infrastructure.

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