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FilioTech partners with SentinelOne

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FilioTech partners with SentinelOne for Enterprise-Class Protection

The protection of all business devices and the data stored on them is a critical part of defending the company against a growing range of digital threats. For many businesses, trying to keep viruses and hackers out of their systems is a time-sapping and costly effort.

Rather than employ a raft of applications per device, and then manage and monitor the constant updates required to guard against viruses, malware and direct hacking threats, FilioTech is partnering with SentinelOne. Together, we provide a single-solution endpoint protection service that defends the entire network and all connected devices, from servers, PCs, Macs, virtual machines, with protection for smartphones and tablets coming from a new partnership with Lookout!

SentinelOne Delivers Security
and Business Wins

Provided by FilioTech as a managed service, we can provide complete endpoint protection, management, deployment support and helpdesk. Using artificial intelligence, the SentinelOne engine can provide protection against threats both known and unknown, and alert the business to urgent threats, while filing away the constant stream of typical malware threats so the business can see in the dashboard reports how common these types of attacks are, and how easy it would have been for them to slip through unmanaged or insecure traditional networks.

With more zero-day and zero-payload attacks out in the wild, traditional antivirus technology has no way of identifying such attacks, whereas SentinelOne looks at patterns and for unusual features in data that can point to well-camouflaged threats.

Whatever the size of your business, and the number of systems in operation, FilioTech can provide and monitor the SentinelOne service to keep your systems and data protected, while you get on with the important tasks in your company. As intrusion prevention becomes evermore complex, let the experts take the load and protect your business from harm, reputational damage and data loss.

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