Just as you would expect, pro-active support from the FilioTech® team means that we actively monitor and manage your Apple Macs fleet for businesses, schools, universities and other outlets

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Managing Apple Devices

JAMF Pro is used by professionals and is a huge investment, both financially and timely. We have undergone onboarding which means we can offer all of the following to iPhones, iPads, Apple TV’s and Macs for schools and businesses: Apple Device Remote Management, Bug Monitoring & RAM Analysis, Disk Usage Management, Push or Disable Updates, Security Policies and much more.

As well as all of this, we’re able to set up profiles that go far beyond those of standard or basic devices. This ensures that all required devices are connected, local user accounts are activated, and management workflows are conducted.

Configuration profiles

Configuration profiles enable admins extra management of user account. Together, we can tailor limitations per workstation, groups, or situations as and when your company needs it


Set complex policies in place but much easier. Together we can create and configure your default user settings, allow you to view logs and the status of policies at any point


Automate task in minutes, not days or weeks. With JAMF Pro scripting is a perfect solution for educational and commercial outlets to increases end-user productivity and creativity by enabling automation, and bespoke solutions to your work environment

Smart targeting

Smart targeting allows us to find affected workstation across your entire organisation. Make an automated move and benefit from proactive software updating or patching. As far as Apple device management goes, FilioTech® & JAMF Pro delivers an outstanding solution to your business


Automate more, and change how you manage your IT forever


Restrict access to specific areas of macOS for extra security and privacy

Bespoke Solution

Custom scripts, software installation, computer privacy