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FilioTech® is proud to offer superb support services to all clients, no matter where they are in the World. Based in the UK, Surrey, we offer our support services to match your needs. Ranging from one-off Onsite Support visit to Pro-Active Business Support or Remote Support, we've got what it takes to offer outstanding Support.

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Pro-Active Business Support

Take full advantage of our pro-active support and benefit from our excellent and no #1 Managed Endpoint Protection solution, smooth cloud backups, and our hardware and software monitoring system. We can detect potential issues before they become critical and result in damage to your system.

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Support for Startups

As a startup, you will face a lot of challenges. Not only financial but also technological. We can work alongside as your internal IT department, supporting your business and driving it forward efficiently.

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Support for Home

We offer support to our home users and individuals. Whether you need help setting up your iCloud account, or if you need to set up family sharing or parental control we can help. Our team can assist remotely or by arranging Onsite Support.

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Onsite Support

If you are facing technical issues that cannot be solved remotely, we can schedule an onsite support visit at the comfort of your home or office.

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Remote Support

Schedule remote support with our team, no matter where you are in the World. We can solve the technical problem or assist with your project.

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After Hours Support

In the event of an unexpected situation, we can assist you after business hours. Please check our dedicated page for more details, cost and response time you can expect from us.

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Fast Response

Fast and prompt response time to any incident

Start from £40 + VAT

Our Support services start from just £40 + VAT

Be Anywhere

We can connect to you remotely wherever you are

We are just....

One phone call away. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you wish to speak with someone about our service, your project or your business needs. We are happy to help.

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