Cyber Security Services

Maintaining strong cybersecurity for your business requires know-how knowledge. FilioTech® delivers solutions that protect your business and each workstation attacks from viruses, worms, spyware, malware and other unwanted threats.

Image Cyber Security Services

Protect your Business

Through intelligent Machine Learning and AI, we provide Endpoint Protection solution to protect your business against cybersecurity risks and threats.

Anything connected to the internet such as computers and other devices should be protected and monitored so that your endpoint and data is not compromised. Keeping documents safe is easy when there’s perhaps just a handful of them, but in reality and in business, we dealing with hundreds and even thousands of files every day. We know the value of your data, let us help protect it.


Strong firewall security layers can defend cyber attacks instantly


Guidance, advice and best practises on effective endpoint protection


Prevent software and application exploits through updates and patching

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Managed Endpoint Protection

The End of Antivirus. Autonomous artificial intelligence is a genuine threat to the typical antivirus software we all once understood. AI increases productivity and reduces costs through its smart algorithm that can defend attacks, every second of every day, and that’s what we help our clients with.

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Password Vaults

Want to forget about passwords? Starting using password management. Retain security and privacy by using 1Password, the vault that gives you one-click access to your keychain. Perfect for the family or business.

Software Patching

Protect your business and avoid software exposure - FilioTech® offer pro-active support to ensuring applications are patched and updated as soon as possible to ensure additional protection.

Network Firewall

Secure your network, both on-premise and in the Cloud. The essential and first step to build strong protection system. Protect your business, employees and visitors.

Cyber Security Essential

Making your workplace safe is vital and avoiding breaches and cyber-attacks helps with exactly that. We offer guidance and advice on achieving the Government-backed cybersecurity essential certification, ensuring your customers know you are guarding your IT security.